Organic Spray Tanning & Body Treatments

organic spray tanning

Using an all organic solution, our amazing, professionally trained technician(s) will leave you with a youthful and sun kissed glow. This spray tan utilizes anti-aging treatments and can de-emphasize freckles, cellulite, stretch marks and varicose veins and can last up to two weeks.

Single Session
$32 • 15 minutes

Five Sessions &
One Body Polish Treatment 


Ten Sessions &
Two BodyPolish Treatments 


body polish with spray tan

To ready your skin for the organic application of the spray tan, a body polish is first applied to exfoliate. Following the polish, an enriching rinse in our luxury showers will have you prepared for optimal results.
$70 • 45 minutes

body treatments

victory wrap

Inspired by Auburn’s tradition of rolling Toomer’s Corner, our Victory Wrap will leave you with a feeling of triumph! This wrap kicks off with a specialized mud treatment to detoxify and relax muscles. For extra points, we incorporate a collagen eye mask and scalp massage. Moisturizing hot towels are applied to cleanse the skin in a full-body cocoon-like wrap.  The final score will leave your skin cheering with renewed joy.

$80 • 60 minutes

Sugar, spice & everything nice

Based on the time of year, each sugar scrub is chosen specifically for the needs and scents of the season. This scrub is paired with a light massage to enhance exfoliation and relaxation.  Finishing touches using our signature éLevé  body lotion leave the skin feeling nice and soft.

$75 • 60 minutes

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